MAY 29, 2016


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Run Day: Always the Sunday before the Monday of the Memorial Day Observance.

Run Stage: North and South Pentagon parking lots open to rally at 7 am.

Run Start: Bikes start departing Pentagon Parking Lot at noon.

Run Route: Riders leave the Pentagon parking lot via Washington Blvd and come across the Memorial Bridge onto Constitution Avenue heading east to Pennsylvania Avenue. Riders then turn right onto 3rd St and head west on Independence Avenue where they are directed to park in West Potomac Park. Riders generally congregate in the Mall area after the run. (see map of route)

Run Area: The parking lots will have some food and toilet facilities but it is recommended to pack anything you may need during a several hour wait for departure. There are also facilities in the Mall area after the run or go to Thunder Alley on 22nd and Constitution Ave. This is the official vending site for Rolling Thunder. (click on THUNDER ALLEY Tab)

For Spectators: Pick a spot along the run route and make yourself comfortable. Roads around the Mall area begin to close at 9am so depending upon where you choose to set-up, you should be prepared to be there in the early morning.

Schedule of Events

Friday, May 27
9 p.m. Candlelight Vigil - Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Saturday, May 28
9 a.m. Thunder Alley Opens - The official vendor site for Rolling Thunder XXVIII is on 22nd Street and Constitution Avenue Northwest. Official Rolling Thunder patches, pins and T-shirts are on sale in Thunder Alley, along with food and biker related goods.

Sunday, May 29
6 a.m. Reveille - Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Wake-up call for all riders taking part in the Rolling Thunder XXVIII First Amendment Demonstration Run. Bikers rally in the North and South Pentagon parking lots at 7 a.m. for a noon departure.

9 a.m. Thunder Alley Opens

12 noon Rolling Thunder XXVIII First Amendment Demonstration Run - Bikes leave the North Pentagon parking lot to begin their run through the Mall area. After the run, police will direct riders to West Potomac Park, where they will pay tribute to their fallen brothers and sisters.

8 p.m. Memorial Day Concert - at the Capitol.

Monday, May 30 - Memorial Day
9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Thunder Alley is Open

11 a.m. Wreath Laying Ceremony - Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetary.

2 p.m. Annual Memorial Day Observance at Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Honoring the fallen service men and women of the Vietnam War.

2 p.m. National Memorial Day Parade - Marching bands and veterans' units from all 50 states. Begins at the corner of Constitution Avenue and Seventh Street Northwest.

3 p.m. National Moment of Remembrance


Do I need to be a member or register to participate in the run?
No. The run is open to all who wish to show their support.

Do I need to be an experienced rider?
It is highly recommended that all riders are experienced in riding in slow, stop-and-go high traffic conditions.

How can I participate if I am not a biker?
There are as many spectators showing their support as there are riders. Set up a spot along the run route and show your support!

What should I bring?
Whether you are in the run or a spectator, this is an all day event in hot and humid conditions. Pack a bag with all that you will need to be comfortable. ie: water, sunscreen, food, chair, towel. (freeze bottled water the night before to have cold water the day of the run!)

Where can I park?
Parking is always a challenge in DC. It will be easier for bikes but if you are coming caged (in a car), consider parking in Arlington or other outlying areas and taking the Metro.

What else is happening that weekend?
Please refer to our schedule on our website. This will be updated as it gets closer to the event.

Where can I stay?
Please refer to our Accommodations section onour BUSINESS SPONSORS page. These are frequently used hotels, campgrounds and RV Parks in the area but it is always good to do your own research before booking.

How long from departure to finish? Rallying begins at 7:00 am till both the North and South Pentagon parking lots are filled. The North releases first at noon and when it is emptied, then the South. The Run is usually over by 3:30pm. The length of time a single rider my spend rallying depends on all these factors but once a rider is released to go, the actual Run takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

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