SGT Sarah Hustler-Cressman, USAR

Sarah E. Hustler-Cressman was born in Pittsburgh, PA and moved to
Maryland when she was 2 years old. Her Grandfather, Robert E. Hustler
was a Navy Veteran who served during WWII. And her father, Paul E.
Hustler, an Army Veteran. Sarah joined the Army Reserves in 2004 and
deployed twice, OEF 2006-2007 and OIF 2009-2010 as an intelligence
analyst. In 2008, Sarah became a federal law enforcement officer with
the U.S. Park Police and is currently a Patrol Officer in Rock Creek
Park in Washington, DC. Sarah is a proud mother to her 4 boys,
Braeden, Liam, Cameron, and Owen. And is expecting her 5th boy in the
beginning of August. As an alumnus of Warrior Path Class 0095, Sarah
is very passionate about volunteering at the Boulder Crest Foundation
in Bluemont, Virginia which helps veterans with Post Traumatic Growth.
And is a proud member of Rolling Thunder Washington DC, INC.